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Door Opening / Closing Detection

Tri-axis magnetic sensor, AK0997x is the most suitable sensor for measuring strong magnetic fields in magnets.
It achieves very low current consumption, so the AK0997x is ideal for battery-operated products that require long-term continuous operation. It also integrates a flexible switch function, which can contribute to downsizing and long life of IoT products such as window or door opening/closing detection.

Tri-axis Magnetic Sensors


What is this Demo?

  • Did you lock up?
  • Monitor shows "Close"
  • When door opening by someone,
  • Monitor turns to "Open"
  • Try to tamper by external magnet,
  • Monitor shows "Alart"


How to detect?

  • Mount the magnet on the door, and the sensor on the frame
  • Sensor detects magnetic field
  • By Opening the door, it decreases magnetic field applied to sensor
  • Detect door state by this change
  • Bring the external magnet closer, magnetic field was applied over the threshold
  • Detect magnetic tamper
  • Detect mT order 3D magnetic field
  • Variable thresholds can be set for switch


What application for?

  • Security sensor for door/window
  • Detect an intruder
  • IoT Toilet
  • Detect the restroom stall vacant or not
  • Wake up trigger for mobile goods
  • Detect laptop Opening/Closing


Detail of Demo kit

  • Using Magnet and Demo kit
  • Start and set up Smartphone Apps
  • Place Magnet and Demo kit to the door
  • From Closing to Opening
  • "Close" state turns to "Open" state
  • In case of external magnet approached, turns to "Alert" by exceeding magnetic threshold

[Note] AK09973 is recommended instead of AK09970.


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