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Magnetic metal detection

Video #01

Tri-axis magnetic sensor, AK09940 is the most suitable sensor for measuring the minimum magnetic field in the nano-tesla range.

It can detect very small magnetic fields such as those generated by weak magnetic materials and the Villari phenomenon (reverse magnetostriction effect). The AK09940 is possible to detect a magnetic metal contamination and minute metal pieces at high speed. It also contributes to high accuracy and downsizing of inspection equipment, metal detectors.

Demo videos show metal detection, detection mechanism, application, and demo kit.A

Tri-axis Magnetic Sensors


What is this Demo?

  • Smallness metal (staple)
  • It's difficult to detect
  • But this Demo kit can easily detect !


How to detect?

  • Generates ACMagnetic field
  • When user move metal closer to coil,
  • It generates ultraweak magnetic field
  • Sensor detects this magnetic field change
  • AK09940 use TMR element
  • It can detect "nT" order 3D magnetic field


What application is it?

  • Detect a stapled booklet
  • Nopaper feed error by staple
  • Detect a metal in the food
  • Novisual check
  • Detect a dangerous goods like knife
  • For security gate of airport etc...


Detail of Demo kit

  • Sensor x 24pcs
  • Alert Lamp
  • Calibration switch
  • Ready to set
  • Sliding the paper...
  • Detection!
  • Try to use for various application!


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