What makes AKM different ?

Tri-axis Magnetic Sensors

Since its introduction in 2003, Tri-axis Magnetic Sensor "S-cube" of Asahi Kasei Microdevices, has been used in many devices, primarily around smartphones. Generally, "magnetic fields" have been considered to be useful only by detecting them in one direction such as detection of  two conditions, for instance, the ON / OFF status of a switch. However, by expanding the perception of magnetic fields from one dimension to three dimensions, the application range can be expanded much further. Here, we explain why AKM's Tri-axis Magnetic Sensors are so popular among customers.

#1 Why use tri-axis magnetic sensors ?

This is the technical benefit description of  tri-axis magnetic sensor comparison of one-axis magnetic sensor. Tri-axis magnetic sensor can detect not only magnetic filed by one direction but also all kind of direction. These features are suitable for parts layout flexibility, detection for complex movement and detection for magnetic disturbance/anti-tampering. 

#2 Solve issues in design like a consultant

In addition to AKM, there are several tri-axis magnetic sensors around the world. Then, which sensor should we select? 
In this section, we introduce AKM's ability to propose tri-axis magnetic sensors that have been solved a variety of issues.