2023 China International Import Expo (6th CIIE)

AK × X

Asahi Kasei Group presents a vision of the future realized through the union between
AK (Asahi Kasei) and X (Digital Development, Health Society, Green Society, and Mobility Innovation).

Events / Exhibitions

Asahi Kasei Group has deepened its understanding of social issues through its business development in China and the provision of products and solutions in a variety of fields. 
At the 2023 China International Import Expo (6th CIIE), we will introduce our 100-year history of innovations and our contributions to the digital development, health-oriented society, green society,  and mobility innovation.

Event Overview

Name: 2023 China International Import Expo (6th CIIE)

Session: November 5, 2023 (Sunday) to November 10 (Friday)

Venue: International Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) Hall 4.1 Technical Equipment Area C3-02

2023 China International Import Expo (6th CIIE)

Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) to exhibit its


"What design aspects should be prioritized for audio performance, and what's the best way to deliver great sound to the listener?"

We have long been facing and unraveling these questions.
Our approach is not limited to circuit technology, but also extends to elements that are not easily quantifiable.

Through years of exploring these different aspects, we have been able to create a rich world of sound that appeals to the senses.
Automobiles today are not only a means of transportation, but are also a "second living room" that provides comfort and enriches people's lives.

This second living room should become a world of sound that makes you feel as if you are witnessing the original performance.
AKM's acoustic design solution is based on our unique theory and experience in delivering a wonderful listening experience to users.