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Developed an ADC that detects glass breaking sound with power-saving 34μA for smart security sensors



Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) has developed the AK5707, a low-power monaural 16-bit A/D converter (ADC) equipped with the Acoustic Activity Analyzer (AAA), a specific sound detection function.

Operating at only 34µA, the AAA outputs an interrupt signal to activate the built-in ADC or external SoC when it detects an anticipated sound with adjustable parameter settings.

This allows the system to sleep, significantly reducing the standby power of the equipment.

In addition, by immediately storing the data that has been recorded by the ADC in an internal buffer, the SoC can reference audio data retroactively before waking from sleep.

Assuming applications such as battery-operated smart sensors for security, we have developed a unique algorithm for detecting glass breakage sounds and improved the rejection performance of sounds other than glass breakage, thereby realizing power saving.

The ADC operates at only 200µA, a 70% reduction from our conventional products, while maintaining a dynamic range of 95dB when operating at a sampling frequency of 16kHz.

Samples are currently being provided, with mass production shipments scheduled to begin in September 2024.



Flexible acoustic parameter settings allow detection of various sound patterns

Operating at a current consumption of 34µA, the acoustic analysis function is more than just volume level detection; it is highly configurable with multiple acoustical parameters that can be flexibly set.

Various acoustic analyses can be realized by replacing the algorithm, such as detection of pattern sounds including  glass breaking, alarm, and voice, and audio content classification by low or high frequency and short or long duration.

ADC operating at only 200µA, S/N 95dB and sufficient performance

Monaural ADC with 16-bit resolution, up to 48kHz sampling, and 96dB dynamic range.

The ADC current consumption is only 200µA at 16kHz sampling operation, which can be used in a system where the ADC is constantly operated by battery-powered equipment.

Mounting area reduced by 70% compared to conventional in-house product

No external AC coupling capacitors are required for analog inputs, and operation from a single 1.8V power supply allows systems to be built with fewer external components.

Mounting area reduced by 70% compared to conventional in-house product


  • Smart Sensors
  • Security Cameras
  • Security Buzzers
  • Smart Tags
  • Smart watches