AKM HiFi 4 DSPs supporting Audio Weaver

Audio & Voice DSPs

AKM of DSP that meet Audio Weaver

AKM’s new DSPs feature support for DSP Concepts' Audio Weaver and expand the potential of audio system design.

AKM’s new automotive audio DSPs feature HiFi 4 CPUs and support for DSP Concepts' Audio Weaver.

This family of three pin-compatible devices features flexible clocking options and rich I/O support for even the most complex audio systems, and offers a scalable solution for a variety of system variants.

List of Supported Processors (Pin-Compatible: HLQFP100)

AK7709VQ : Multi-core DSP with SRCs

  • Tensilica HiFi 4 DSP: 2 cores (MCLK 492MHz)
  • AKM DSP: 4 cores (MCLK 492MHz)
  • Multiple Sampling Rate Processing (ex. Audio & Voice)

AK7018VQ :
Dual-core DSP with SRCs

  • Tensilica HiFi 4 DSP: 2 cores (MCLK 492MHz)
  • Dual Sampling Rate Processing (ex. Audio & Voice)

Single-core DSP with SRCs

  • Tensilica HiFi 4 DSP: 1 core (MCLK 492MHz)
Item AK7709VQ AK7018VQ AK7017VQ
Tensilica HiFi 4 DSP (MCLK 492MHz) 2 core 2 core 1 core
AKM DSP (MCLK 492MHz) 4 core - -
Multiple Sample Rate DSP Processing (ex. 48kHz Audio & 16kHz Voice) Yes Yes -
Asynchronous IIS/TDM Audio Interface (max 152ch) 11 set 11 set 11 set
Asynchronous SRC (FSO/FSI=0.167~6.0)  20 ch 20 ch 20 ch
Digital Microphone I/F 4 ch 4 ch 4 ch
SPI (20MHz), Quad SPI (50MHz), I²C-bus (400kHz Fast-Mode ) Yes Yes Yes
SPI Master, Self-Bootup Yes Yes Yes
I2C Master, UART I/F Yes Yes Yes

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About DSP Concepts, Inc.

DSP Concepts, Inc.

DSP Concepts, headquartered in California, North America, is a global market leader in the embedded audio field. DSP Concepts offer an audio development platform called Audio Weaver that embodies innovative development methods in the audio field, providing users with a wide range of audio design options.

Additionally, DSP Concepts will provide a wide range of related audio IP such as Fraunhofer, DTS, BACCH, Sensory, Mimi and more, and engineering services based on Audio Weaver, providing total support for clients' audio design needs. DSP Concepts technologies have been deployed in millions of automobiles and consumer products, contributing to outstanding audio experience solutions from many top brands.