Magnetic encoder with excellent environmental tolerance

Magnetic encoder with excellent environmental tolerance

Rotation Angle Sensors

Issue #01...

Need a high accuracy encoder that works in a poor environment

Robots and machine tool applications are required to work accurately even in poor environments, such as dirty, dusty, wet, or oily conditions. An optical encoder is commonly used for these applications. (* 1)
However, optical encoders are known to be sensitive to poor environmental conditions due to their configurations. Are there any encoders that can be robust over the conditions and meet the same level of accuracy as optical systems?


*1: For more details on encoder detection methods: click here

Then what is our solution…

Rotation angle sensor, AK7455, for high accuracy magnetic encoders can work in poor environments

AKM's rotation angle sensor for magnetic encoders can be replaced with conventional optical encoders because it is able to detect the rotational position with high accuracy.

For the customer who currently uses optical encoders, environmental tolerance can be improved by using the AK7455 while maintaining the accuracy. 

Additionally, it eliminates the need for a clean room for assembly of encoders and motor units, thus reducing manufacturing costs.

For more details, please refer to a demonstration video.

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