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AKM releases ultra-high accuracy unipolar coreless current sensor supporting 60Arms with more than 8mm of Creepage / Clearance Distance



Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) has released the CZ-370x series of 60 Arms bipolar detection coreless current sensors that are intended for use in phase current detection of inverters and AC servo motors.

In addition to these applications, AKM develops new CZ-372x series of coreless current sensors of the unipolar detection type for power conditioner (DC side).
When measuring current flowing in one direction, higher SNR can be achieved compared to the bipolar detection type.

CZ-372x series


Creepage / Clearance Distance > 8 mm

By developing AKM’s original package, both creepage distance and clearance distance of 8 mm or more are achieved. It supports a Working Voltage of 600 Vrms (with reinforced insulation), making insulation design easy.

Supports 10.3 to 345.2 App and 60 Arms Low-heat Generation

The CZ-372x series has a low resistance of 0.27 mΩ as the primary conductor resistance with AKM’s original package. As a result, compared to shunt resistors and similar products of other companies, heat generation when applying the current can be greatly suppressed, and 60 Arms continuous current can be applied.

Furthermore, availability with wide current detection ranges from 10.3 App (CZ-3720) to 345.2 App (CZ-3726) is achieved. This enables to adopt a common design of system boards, making it easy to roll it out to other models with different ratings.

Ultra-High Accuracy

The CZ-372x series is ultra-high accurate coreless current sensor with 1.0% F.S. (typical). In addition, it has a built-in stray magnetic field reduction function, a challenge for conventional coreless current sensors, contributing to improvement of system efficiency and precise control in a wide range of applications.


  • Power Conditioner (DC side)
  • Overcurrent Detection of Industrial Equipment