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AKM releases a differential output type encoder element of high-resolution that supports m=0.3 gears



Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) has released the MS0031, a differential output type encoder semiconductor magnetoresistive element (SMRE) of high-resolution that is ideal for use with gear wheels of module m=0.3. 

The MS0031 delivers an encoder of more than 20-bit through electrical interpolation because the signal waveform detected from gears are similar to sine or cosine waves.

The MS0060, a single output type suited for use with gears of module m=0.6, is also now available.

encoder semiconductor magnetoresistive element (SMRE)


MS0031: Differential output products that support module m=0.3

The introduction of a differential output type product that supports m=0.3 gears has expanded the lineup of AKM's SMRE.

By applying differential output, a difference is formed from Phase A and Phase B, thereby eliminating in-phase noise. In addition, twice the output amplitude is obtained. These factors contribute to the high accuracy and high resolution of the magnetic encoder.


  • Motor control
    • Industrial robots
    • Machine tools
    • AC servo motors
  • Rotary encoders
  • Linear encoders