Off-Axis configuration enhances the design flexibility 

Rotary Position Sensing


The encoder cannot be placed at the end of shaft.
Are there any encoders that can use the end of shaft space freely?

Then what is our solution…

Rotary angle sensor, AK7454, for magnetic encoders can be designed with either Shaft-End or Off-Axis configuration. It is also available in the structure that a magnet cannot be attached to the end of shaft, such as a hollow motor for wiring cables.

Shaft-End Configuration
Off-Axis Configuration

Advantages of Off-Axis configuration (Example: Robot Arm)


For Shaft-End configuration, there are following concerns due to routing the cable outside.

  • The movable area should be limited.
  • Peripheral devices and cables may interfere.

For Off-Axis configuration, there are following advantages because the cable can be passed through the shaft.

  • Wide movable area (360°) "
  • Peripheral devices and cables are less likely to interfere.

With a magnetic encoder using the AK7454, it is possible to achieve an accuracy of about 0.1 ° even in Off-Axis configuration as well as Shaft-End by performing calibration.

Angle error in Off-Axis configuration (Red: Non-calibration, Blue: With calibration)

For more details, please refer to a demonstration video below.

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