Improving assembly yield and reducing manufacturing costs

Rotary Position Sensing


Generally, the magnetic rotary angle sensor must be used with the magnet center (rotational center) and the sensor center aligned on the same straight line. 
Is it possible to detect angle accurately even with misalignment? 

If the accuracy become lower, the yield will be worse, and if accuracy is prioritized, man-hours and costs will be increased.

Then what is our solution…

If the magnet center and the sensor center are misaligned, an angle error will be occurred. However, AKM's rotary angle sensor has high tolerance to this misalignment.

AKM's angle sensor contributes to improving assembly yield and reducing manufacturing costs of the motor system.

For the angle error due to the misalignment when using our recommended magnet, please refer here.

AKM's rotary angle sensor is high tolerance to the misalignment

Optical encoders require a clean room on the assembly production line, but magnetic encoders eliminate the need for a clean room when assembling the encoder and motor unit, thus reducing manufacturing costs.

For more details, please refer to a demonstration video for assembly.

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