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AKM releases high resolution DSPs for audio and voice processing



Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) audio processors have been updated for scenarios such as listening to wireless sound at home or while driving and talking on a hands-free call. AKM introduces the new AK7739 and the AK7737.
AKM has made improvements to the AK7738 which has been adopted in various in-vehicle head units for processing high resolution sound sources. It is now available with all necessary functions in the new devices. A 32-bit audio DSP supporting floating point arithmetic adopts, “VELVET SOUND”, technology established with high-end audio products.

The automotive grade AK7739VQ that integrates a CODEC and the AK7737VQ with ADC are both now available to the market.



Updating Established Dedicated DSP Audio

The AK7739/AK7737 inherits essential system functions from the well-established AK7738 while making specification upgrades to the DSP core, Audio I/O, ADC and SRC.
The AK7739/AK7737 supports 32-bit floating point arithmetic improved from the 28-bit floating point of the AK7738 and has greatly expanded parallel operation capability of 6144 steps/fs x2, (at 48kHz sampling). In addition, the RAM is freely programmable for user applications, making it possible for various audio processing functions such as surround sound, parametric equalization, and various sound effects. The integrated large memory eliminates the need for external program memory. Programs are loaded into the RAM via a serial interface from a microcontroller, allowing for seamless updates.

VELVET SOUND Technology (AK7739)

Advanced 32-bit DAC’s with, “VELVET SOUND”, technology for high-end audio products are adopted for analog outputs, succeeding with high-quality playback of high-resolution sound sources.

Building a Flexible Audio System

The AK7739 has two stereo ADC’s, two stereo DAC’s, and four asynchronous stereo SRC’s and four mono SRC’s, making it possible to compose the main block of an audio system without requiring additional audio components. The internal path connection of the AK7739/AK7737 can be set freely via register settings.
An integrated microphone amplifier and microphone bias circuit reduce the mounting area of the printed board. The AK7739/AK7737 can also provide signals to a class-D amplifier and receive input data from external digital audio sources. (Serial Audio Interface : 12ch input, 12ch output *.  It operates with MSB-first, LSB-first, I²S, and PCM audio data formats)

* In TDM mode: 96ch input, 96ch output.


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