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AKM releases high accuracy coreless current sensor supporting 3V output in 5V system



Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) has developed the CZ-3AGx series coreless current sensors (5V input and 3V output) in addition to the CZ-3A0x series in production (3.3V input, 3.3V output, and corresponding to the UL safety standard UL61800-5-1 for industrial equipment). This new series can be used for many applications including AC motors and general-purpose inverters that require a sensor input to 3V A/D converters.

The launch of the CZ-3AGx series makes more selectable in input/output voltages of AKM's coreless current sensors, enabling to support 3.3V and 5V systems by CZ-3A0x and CZ-370x series.

CZ-3AGx series


Supports 5V input and 3V output voltage system

The CZ-3AGx series supports 5V input and 3V output. It is best for a sensor signal input to a 3.3V A/D converter in 5V system. By adding the CZ-3AGx series to the lineup of CZ-3A0x series released in December 2018, it is possible to support both 5V and 3V input voltages.

Creepage/Clearance distance > 8 mm

By developing AKM’s original package, both creepage distance and clearance of 8mm or more is achieved. It supports Working Voltage of 600Vrms (with reinforced insulation), making insulation design easy.

Supports ±11.6 to ±116.6App and 50Arms low-heat generation

The CZ-3AGx series has a low resistance of 0.27mΩ as the primary conductor resistance with AKM’s original package. As a result, compared to shunt resistors and similar products of other companies, heat generation when applying the current can be greatly suppressed, and 50Arms continuous current is achieved.
Furthermore, availability with wide current detection ranges is available in the same type of package. This enable adoption of a common design of system boards, making it easy to roll it out to other models with different ratings.

Overcurrent detection function

The CZ-3AGx series is suitable for overcurrent detection since it has two overcurrent detection circuits.


  • AC Motors
  • DC Motors
  • UPSes
  • General Inverters
  • Power Conditioners