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Commenced mass production of current sensors for EV, highly compatible with SiC/GaN power devices and suitable for chargers and electronic fuses



Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) has started mass production of the CZ39 series of current sensors for automotive applications.

AKM's compound Hall element, package, and ASIC circuit technologies have realized high-speed response, low heat generation, and noiseproof properties.

This product is highly compatible with SiC/GaN power devices and contribute to the miniaturization of On Board Chargers (OBC) and DC/DC converters that are installed in automobiles. Its high-speed response also makes this product suitable for the use as electronic fuses (E-Fuses).



Detects current with a fast response time of 100ns

The high sensitivity characteristics of the compound Hall element deliver a fast response time.

Using this product in chargers and DC/DC converters that use next-generation power devices such as SiC and GaN enables a higher switching frequency, resulting in circuits with smaller board sizes.

It also has a fast response time that can provide all kinds of overcurrent protection, making it possible to introduce safe electronic fuse circuits into automotive power conversion systems.


0.3mΩ primary conductor resistance for reduced heat generation and easier thermal design

We have developed a unique package to achieve a low primary conductor resistance of 0.3mΩ. The heat generation is suppressed even under the continuous energization of 40Arms at an ambient temperature of 125ºC, thereby facilitating thermal design.

In addition, the voltage-resistant structure that ensures sufficient creepage and space distances enables the use in high-voltage applications with voltages in excess of 650V.

Current detection is possible without influence of noise even during high-speed switching operation 

The use of SiC and GaN power devices significantly impacts the noise environment due to their high voltage and high speed switching.

This product is less likely to affect sensor characteristics even in the environments mentioned above, and can detect current without the influence of noise.


  • On Board Charger (OBC) for EV
  • DC/DC Converter for EV
  • Electronic Fuse (E-Fuse) for EV
CZ39 Series

CZ39 series
Fast Response Coreless Current Sensor ICs



CZ39 series Product Brief
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