CO2 Monitoring in real-life house

Air quality can be visualized house by constantly monitoring the CO2 concentration inside the home. We conducted a test to confirm in real time whether the home environment was kept comfortable at all times.

CO2 Sensors

Protecting home residents from poor air quality

We installed "continuous environment monitoring system" (**) devices in each room of the demonstration experiment house (*), which was designed to offer superior residential functions from the perspective of the home's thermal environment. This system used sensors to measure temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, atmospheric pressure, air flow, acceleration, and noise. 

Measurement data was then uploaded to the cloud and environmental data was confirmed using a computer or smartphone. Measurements confirmed that CO2 concentration increased significantly when the family gathered together (typical outdoor air has an average CO2 concentration of 400ppm). Small amounts of CO2 are not harmful, but concentrations above 1000ppm are said to leave people feeling short of breath. CO2 concentrations often rise in bedrooms and in spaces where many people gather.

Whenever people are in enclosed spaces that lack ventilation, rising CO2 levels are inevitable. Environments can be kept comfortable by monitoring CO2 levels in real time and performing ventilation when necessary.


*) The Neoma House IBARAKI SAKAI MODEL, developed by Asahi Kasei Construction Materials
**) This system was developed as an AKM Business Innovation Project.

For indoor air quality monitoring, proper placement of sensors and stable data collection over the medium to long term are essential. AKM and Senseair's CO2 sensors are compact and highly accurate yet consume extremely little power, so they provide long life cycles for battery-driven air quality sensors and help make it possible to accurately measure residential CO2 concentration.

Constant environmental monitoring with indoor sensors
Measured CO2 data

Constant environmental monitoring with indoor sensors

Measured CO2 data

About Senseair

Senseair, which became a member of the Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) Group in 2018, is a provider of gas sensors using NDIR: Non-Dispersive InfraRed technology. Our goal is to constantly develop and mass-produce new gas sensor technologies.