Elimination of Primary Batteries and Energy Harvesting

Energy Harvesting

Energy Harvesting is an effective option to adapt to the guidelines for elimination of primary batteries.

Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) is working to create electronic devices that use energy harvesting (a technology that collects energy from the environment) using our unique circuitry technology.

While guidelines for the elimination of primary batteries are being given in Europe, this technology indicates that, in combination with secondary batteries, it can solve charging problems and enable a sustainable power supply. In response to the problem of power generation becoming unstable with energy harvesting, AKM is able to efficiently manage power sources through an energy harvesting IC that utilizes two-channel comparators.

"Phasing out primary batteries": Regulation of the European Commission

"Phasing out primary batteries": Regulation of the European Commission

Currently, many primary batteries are used in electronic devices, but about half of them are disposed of without being collected.

In July 2023, the European Commission announced a "phased elimination of primary batteries from 2030*" in order to reduce the burden on the environment. Developers of electronic devices are urged to consider alternative power supply methods.

AKM contributes to the creation of electronic devices that do not use primary batteries through its proprietary circuitry for energy harvesting.

Power supply methods other than primary batteries

When primary batteries cannot be used, direct power supply by USB or charging a lithium-ion battery by USB charging is possible. However, there are several challenges with these power supply methods.


USB power supply

  • Requires an available USB port
  • USB cannot be carried while charging
  • Requires as many USB cables as the number of devices


Recharging rechargeable batteries with USB

  • Vulnerable to water and dust
  • Batteries are exhausted if left unattended
  • Damaged by repeated insertion and removal of the cable
Power supply methods other than primary batteries
AKM's Energy Harvesting IC Eliminates the Challenges of Power Storage Devices

AKM's Energy Harvesting IC Eliminates the Challenges of Power Storage Devices

Integrated devices that incorporate energy harvesting IC do not require external power supplies, thereby solving problems such as restricted installation locations and damaged connectors. This can also be expected to seal the device, enhancing its waterproof and dustproof capability. In addition, AKM's Energy Harvesting IC offers methods suitable for recharging a variety of storage devices, such as lithium-ion batteries, EDLC (Electric Double-Layer Capacitor), and multilayer ceramic capacitors, thereby proposing energy harvesting solutions tailored to customers' applications.

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