What makes AKM different?

We explain the reasons why the distinctive energy harvesting features of Asahi Kasei Microdevices are popular amongst customers.

Energy Harvesting

Operable with weak energy

Weak energy sources such as light, vibrations, heat, and radio waves were ignored previously without being collected. Due to the small amount of power generated, weakly energy harvester requires construction of a large-scale system to collect many power sources by connecting multiple power generation cell in order to drive IoT terminals. 

The ultra-low-power boosted power supply IC solution of Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) enables effective utilization of low-power renewable energies, which have been difficult to utilize until now.

The AP4470 can start boosting from only 1uW of input power and store it in an external large-capacity capacitor, enabling the utilization of minute energies that have not been available as power sources until now. This is because the AP4470 is designed to have a high input impedance, enabling input of an operable voltage even in a power generation cell with a large internal resistance.

In addition, since the AP4470 has a very low self-current consumption of 52nA, even if the input current is small, the boosted current can be stored in the output capacitor, and the power generation cell that were not conventionally available as power supplies can be used as power supplies for the system.

Operable with weak energy
Operable with weak energy - AP4470 system

The energy harvesting IC controls output power supply through self-diagnosis.

The energy harvesting ICs of Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM)  incorporate two power voltage  monitoring functions with ultra-low-current power-consumption to control the optimal power supplies for system construction.

The AP4470/73 automatically starts supplying power to the external system when the storage voltage reaches 3.3V and stops supplying power when it drops to 2.6V. When the stored voltage rises to 3.55V, the overcharge protection function is activated.

The monitoring circuit that controls these components can operate with a current consumption of only 52nA, thereby controlling the self-consumption of the power supply IC.

The energy harvesting IC controls output power supply through self-diagnosis

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