What makes AKM different ?

You may be surprised to find AKM's Hall sensors in such products as these! Hall sensors are used in familiar products such as air conditioners, washing machines, and smartphones. Here we will explain why AKM's Hall sensors are widely chosen by many people.

Hall Sensors

A Hall sensor is a magnetic sensor that detects magnetic fields (magnetic flux density) by using the Hall effect. Hall sensors are classified into Hall elements, Hall effect ICs, or Linear Hall effect ICs according to the output.

Hall Sensors Hall Sensors

Features of AKM's Hall sensor

When selecting a magnetic sensor, have you ever wished for a sensor that is more sensitive to magnetism, less susceptible to environmental temperature changes, or has a faster response time?

Wide variety of products

Hall sensors offer a variety of features depending on the material used in the sensor part. AKM uses compound semiconductors comprising indium antimony (InSb), gallium arsenide (GaAs), and indium arsenide (InAs) as the materials for the sensor part and offers a wide variety of products such as ultra high-sensitivity types and others with excellent temperature characteristics. This allows us to provide Hall elements that meet the needs of our customers.

High response speed

AKM's Hall effect ICs and Linear Hall effect ICs use high-sensitivity compound semiconductor Hall elements for the sensor. This eliminates the need for complex processing within the control ICs, achieving the high response speed. AKM's Hall sensors respond to such needs as the need to obtain output that follows the quick movement of the magnet.

Reliability and Results

AKM has been supplying high-performance, high-quality Hall elements to customers in a timely manner for more than 40 years. Our Hall elements are used in a wide variety of products around the World, from home appliances to industrial equipment and in-vehicle applications.

Hall Sensor Lineup and applications

Hall elements

Analogue sensor that outputs the voltage generated by the Hall effect as it is.

HW-Series (InSb)

Features: Ultra-high sensitivity

Applications: Rotation detection of various types of motors commonly used
(e.g., DC brushless motors such as fan motors)

HG-Series (GaAs)

Features: Stable temperature characteristics, good linearity even in under high magnetic field environments

Applications: Precise detection of magnet position (e.g., OIS/Autofocus/Aperture/Zoom, etc.)

HQ-Series (InAs)

Features: Hall element keeping the sensitivity and temperature characteristics in balance

Applications: Precise detection of magnet position (e.g., OIS/Autofocus/Aperture/Zoom, etc.) For applications requiring higher sensitivity than HG-series  products.

Hall effect ICs

A sensor that converts the HW-Series Hall-Voltage to High/Low digital output.


Features: High speed response and easy-to-design circuitry

Applications: Motor rotation detection and magnet proximity detection (home detection)
(e.g., power tools, flow meters, valve openings, etc.)

Linear Hall effect ICs

Analog sensor for amplifying and outputting HQ-series Hall voltages.


Features: High speed response, sensitivity variation, and easy-to-design circuitry

Applications: Precision measurement of magnet positions
(e.g., liquid level detection in home appliances and fuel tanks, low-speed rotary motors, etc.)

DC brushless motors DC brushless motors
smartphone cameras, auto focus Smartphone cameras, auto focus
Power tools Power tools
Home appliances Home appliances

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