Product Description of Currentier

Technical explanation of current detection in general

Current Sensors

Currentiers are classified as coreless current sensors, which is one of the current sensing methods. Other current detection methods include shunt resistor + isolation amplifier / isolated ADC and cored current sensors.

We explain the advantages and disadvantages of each method in detail in the  "Tutorials" section, and provide information to help you select the right current sensor for your application. We also update the page with information that can help you solve your current detection problems. Please refer to the page for each product series for technical explanations of individual products.

What is "Currentier" ?

What is "Currentier" ?

On this page you can find product and technical information about "Currentier".

We explain the features and technology of AKM's high performance coreless current sensor IC "Currentier".

Basic knowledge of current detection

In this section, we introduce technical explanations of different current detection  methods and how to choose the best one for you.

Types and Characteristics of Current Sensors

Types and Characteristics of Current Sensors

We compare and explain the features of shunt resistor + isolation amplifier/isolated ADC, cored current sensors, and coreless current sensors.

What is a coreless current sensor ?

What is a coreless current sensor ?

"Coreless current sensor" is one of the current sensor types, without a magnetic core.

Shunt Resistors Heat Generation

What is a coreless current sensor ?

Heat generation of shunt resistors is explained in detail using measurement principles and evaluation results. The effects and measures of heat generation from shunt resistors on industrial equipment are also introduced.

Mini-lessons on topics about current detection

Mini-lessons on topics

This short content has useful mini-lessons on topics on current detection that you should know about.