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Current Sensor ICs

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You can find helpful documents for your design by clicking on the product series links below.

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You can use useful simulation or calculation tools for your design.

Please note that you are required to register your information when using some of those tools.

In-Out Simple Checking Tool

This tool allows you to easily calculate output voltage based on input current or input current based on output voltage. You can use it to check the input/output characteristics of each product.

Simple thermal simulation tool

This tool can be used to compare the surface temperatures of a typical shunt resistor and a Currentier at any applied current. It is useful for identifying the cause of thermal issues.

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Servo simulation tool

You can use servo information and current sensor information to estimate how much torque accuracy would improve if you switched from your present current detection method to detection using a Currentier. This is useful for solving servo accuracy problems.

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Overcurrent Detection Configuration Tool

You can select products with overcurrent detection functions and calculate REF voltages for setting thresholds. This helps to improve safety in applications where overcurrent detection is required. (This simulation is for the CZ3A series.)

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Creepage / Clearance distance checking tool

You can calculate how much creepage and clearance distance are necessary for your environment. This is useful for improving the safety of applications that require insulation.

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