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Sensor onBoard in the housing

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Sensor onBoard in the housing

Sensor-in-case contains Sensor core and other peripheral circuits mounted on a printed circuit board.

Senseair Aercast

Senseair Aercast is a 3-in-1 indoor air quality sensor with CO2, temperature and humidity sensors. Battery operation for about 2 years is achieved by adopting low current consumption Senseair Sunrise for the CO2 sensor. Each measurement data can be displayed on the LCD or checked using the smart device app. 
Furthermore, the air quality obtained from the measurement data is visualized with four colors (green, yellow, orange, and red) of light.



  • Equipped with CO2, temperature and humidity sensors
  • Battery operation
  • Indoor air quality indication on display as well as intuitive LEDs
  • Connection to smart devices via wireless communication


  Specification note
Measured gas CO2  
Operating temperature 0 - 50°C  
Operating humidity 0 - 85% RH Non-condensing
Dimensions 148 x 58 x t29 mm  
Measurement range CO2 400 - 5000 ppm  
Accuracy +/-(30ppm + 3% of reading) 15 - 35°C
0 - 80%RH
after 3 ABC periods
Life expectancy 15 years (battery 2 years)  
Power supply 2x AA lithium batteries (included)  
Communication BLE  

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About Senseair

Senseair, a member of the Asahi Kasei Microdevices Group in 2018, is a leading global provider in gas sensors using non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology. For more than 25 years, Senseair has developed and manufactured highly cost-effective, high-performance gas sensors. Senseair has many engineers in its R&D department that always aiming to apply the latest industrially viable technologies on the market into their products.